141 is a brand under Worst Chef Food Products that was established to empower small scale farmers and give pride to local filipino food all over the country.

The initiative started few weeks after the implementation of community quarantine. There was an organization asking for help to buy products from our fellow farmers experiencing surplus of harvests due to export and import restrictions. Our founder, John Granado thought of processing and preserving the fruits gathered into jams and spreads, to be able to enjoy it for longer period of time.

Today, 141 has now partnered directly with different local farmers and small enterprises, experimenting with different flavors and transforming it into artisanal products. In this way, we could achieve our goal to educate people about the potential of the resources we have in our own land.

We love seeing the process, from harvesting and sourcing ingredients to sealing and labeling jars. We also love to engage with people to further talk about what we do and how we do it.

We aspire to branch out in different sustainable food business mediums to continue working with the people we are currently partnered with and contribute to build a healthy and inspiring community. One for One.