Healthy Monsters: Healthy On-the-go Meals

Three years ago, Healthy Monsters started as an Instagram project. Its found wanted to try out food photography and shift the weight from her recent pregnancy. She has since embarked on a journey of 30 salads in 30 days. After a while, some people got increasingly curious. People wanted to try her salads so she came up with a unique product—salads in a jar.

Due to customer demand, she has expanded with a new line—Healthy Monster Mama. The second phase of the business caters to the prenatal and breastfeeding needs of mothers. “Breast Friends” is a healthy lactation energy bar for breastfeeding moms and moms-to-be. It serves as a snack or meal replacement.

The name “Healthy Monster” was inspired by the owner's son, Jordan. He is her little monster and she always wants for him to be healthy. These two ideas led to the birth of a brand. Monsters eat big, and and it would be great if customers were healthy, big eaters too! The brand's following of healthy monsters are a busy bunch, so she sought to provide healthy on-the-go meals for them.

Jordan is also diabetic, and his mother wanted to build a brand that was wholly organic, and diabetic-friendly.

There's always a lot of heart in these beasts of a meal.

Always in a rush? Enjoy healthy on-the-go meals with Healthy Monsters.